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Best Baby Booties of 2022 B.Duck Shoes

baby booties

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Babies do not need shoes, boots, or any other kind of footwear. However, it’s safe to say that with so many gorgeous, cute, and downright adorable options out there, none of us can resist a good pair of baby booties. But how do you know which are the best baby booties, and which ones to skip?

You don’t have to know, because we’ve done the research and legwork for you. So sit back, relax, and discover how to choose the best baby booties 

1. Hudson Baby: Cozy Fleece Booties

Best Fleece Baby Booties

Cozy Fleece Booties

Hudson Baby’s fleece booties are ideal for fall, winter, and spring. Combined with socks, they keep your baby’s feet toasty and warm, and they are soft enough to be comfortable without socks when the weather warms up.

We found the hook and loop closure to be durable, and it didn’t curl after a few rounds in the washer and dryer. The closure strip is long enough to make a snug fit for babies of all shapes and sizes, while the foot’s shape prevents pressure on the toes.


  • Can be worn with or without socks.
  • Booties come through the washer and dryer in good shape.
  • Don’t slip off easily.


  • Sizes run small — choose one size bigger than usual.

UGG: Child’s Bixbee Ankle Boot

Best Baby Booties for Walkers

Child Bixbee Ankle Boot

These genuine UGG baby booties sit relatively low on the ankle. The positioning of the hook and loop closure is more across the top of the upper foot than around the ankle, like many others.

The suede sole combined with the rubber gripper pattern makes these a good option for babies who have started to take their first steps but are not yet walking confidently enough to need proper shoes.

They are also an excellent choice for winter wear, especially if you have cold floors in your home.


  • Machine washable.
  • Come in UGGs presentation box.
  • Warm enough for fall wear in colder climates.


  • Label says machine washable, but suede sole gets watermarks.

About B.Duck


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B.Duck Kids Sneakers Boys Basketball Shoes 

Boys Basketball Shoes

A kind of children’s shoes specially made for children with both appearance and scientific design.

[The head of the shoe is upturned by 15°]-Protect the baby’s little toe, which is more suitable for the baby’s habit of walking on tiptoe, and protects the baby to walk steadily without falling.

[Anti-slip groove sole] – upgrade wear-resistant grip, light and flexible sole, upgrade deep texture wear-resistant non-slip light running without slipping.

[Stable Velcro] – Soft and adjustable, suitable for fat and thin feet, not tight, easy to put on and take off.

[Heel Reinforcement] – Heel reinforcement effectively improves support, maintains ankle balance, reduces the probability of falling, and makes baby travel safer

[Breath  Mesh] – The breathable mesh upper circulates perspiration to keep the inside of the shoe dry.

Baby Boots

Some Baby Boots That Have Been Getting Great Reviews On Amazon

It’s time to take a look at some of the best baby shoes on Amazon. The holiday season is coming, now is the best time to do your online shopping.

Baby shoes are immensely popular. Why wouldn’t they be? Approximately 385,000 babies are born every day. Plus, they look incredibly adorable. Those little, fashionable foot wraps that your baby wears around all day regardless of their inclination to walking look so cute on those little creatures.

As cute as almost every baby clothing piece is, parents should consider many more things when shopping for Amazon baby shoes aside from the “cuteness” factor. They also need to be comfortable and well-made.

baby boot

Baby’s First Shoes

Everyone knows that baby shoes are ridiculously cute and usually don’t have much practical use. That’s because most babies can’t walk for at LEAST another 18 months (yikes).

But your baby will be walking – or at least hobbling around – in no time! And trust me, it isn’t just the fashion comfort that these forward-thinking products offer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best baby shoes on Amazon right now.

Best Baby Shoes on Amazon

Baby shoes can be so fun to shop for but also overwhelming. There are so many different types and styles to choose from. This Amazon list of the best baby shoes is not only helpful but also affordable for the everyday shopper. Things like diapers, clothing, and shoes can be pricey for your little one, so why not make it easier? Here are the best baby shoes on Amazon.

Tutoo Unisex Baby Boys and Girls Star High Top Sneaker

High Top Sneaker

The Tutoo unisex baby shoes are designed for comfort and function. The design isn’t too shabby as well. This pair of shoes is made of cotton for added warmth and comfortability. It has undergone multiple safety tests to ensure it can effectively keep your baby’s feet protected without irritation.

The shoes come with an anti-slip cotton sole made perfect for babies still learning how to walk. There are many designs you can choose from, and all of them are pleasing to the eyes.

Why this product is good:

he Tutoo unisex shoes resemble the design from a shoe brand with a much more hefty price tag. They look decent and feel lightweight and comfortable. This product is a #1 Best Seller, and you can purchase it

Meckior Infant Baby Girls and Boys Canvas Shoes

Boys Canvas Shoes

These baby shoes for girls and boys are made by Meckior, a dealer of professional footwear for 8 years. It is high-quality made and has been safety tested to make sure your baby’s feet won’t experience rashes of any kind while wearing this pair of footwear. It is soft and lightweight for comfort and ease.

The shoes have an elastic ankle band that makes it easy to wear and take off without hurting or compromising the comfort of your baby’s feet. You can choose a lot of colorful designs from the fit your baby girl or your little boy. The shoes have a classic high-top canvas design that makes them look fashionable and adorable.

Why this product is good:

This footwear for your baby feels very light and comfortable. Babies need shoes like these since they’re a little more fragile than the rest of us, and their feet aren’t built for walking yet. This type of shoe will assist them in doing so.

Best Affordable Baby Shoes

Hudson Baby Unisex Cozy Fleece Booties

Cozy Fleece Booties

Who says babies can’t be fashionable? The Hudson baby unisex fleece booties will make your baby seem like they’re ready to pose in front of a camera, all the while remaining as comfortable as they can be.

This pair of fleece booties are made of 100% polyester. It has a hook and loop closure for comfortable wear in and takes off. These are made to be very soft, comfortable, and light, perfect for a baby’s fragile and cute two feet. depending on the size and design.

Why this product is good:

Hudson is a somewhat recognizable brand in the Amazon baby shoe market. The products they make are high in quality and pleasing in design. This product is no different.

Robeez Classic Cozy Baby Boots

Baby Boots

This pair of baby boots have an eloquent and high-profile design that’s perfect for your little boss, baby. The Robeez Classic baby boots feature an ankle bootie made of leather, faux shearling at the topline and sides, and come with suede soles.

The boots have a stretchy elastic feature around the ankle for an easy, pull-on fit. It is breathable, comfortable, and should keep your baby’s feet warm enough under colder temperatures.

This product is sizably more expensive than other Amazon baby shoes. You can get a pair for $29.00 to $38.00, depending on size and design.

Why this product is good:

The Robeez baby boots look stunning. They’re stylish and hip, and your baby will look incredibly handsome and gorgeous wearing them. They are, however, a little bit on the more expensive side.

Best Baby Walking Shoes

Moccasins Sneakers for Boys and Girls

Moccasins Sneakers for Boys and Girls

These Amazon baby shoes by Moccasins look comfortable and stylish at the same time. They are made of high-quality artificial leather and are soft and lightweight. These sneakers are designed to be baby-friendly, providing enough comfort and protection for a baby’s soft skin.

The elastic band around the ankles makes the Moccasins sneakers easy to wear and take off while remaining comfortable. The design looks very elegant, making it look extravagant despite its reasonable price. You can get one of these baby shoes on Amazon for $8.99 to $10.99.

Why this product is good:

The Moccasins sneakers are incredibly stylish and high-quality for its price. Parents will adore this product for its outstanding design and comfortable build. These are perfect for both casual and formal occasions for its simple yet elegant look.

Morbido Infant Baby Boys and Girls Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes

The Morbido baby shoes on Amazon come in two different variations. You can either choose one with cotton soles for comfort and warmth or rubber soles if your little one is already fond of walking around. There are soft paddings within the insole to provide comfort.

These baby shoes come with laces to make sure they stay on your child’s feet. The design itself is considerably adorable, and there are different designs you can choose from.

Amazon’s choice of product is reasonably cheap. You can get a pair for only $6.99.

Why this product is good:

First of all, this item is very affordable. It doesn’t sacrifice quality and comfort, either. Your child will look extra hip and feel comfortable while you won’t have to hurt your pockets.

Baby Shoe Sizes

The easiest way to pick the right shoe size for your infant is to know their age and refer to a baby shoe size chart.
It takes but a minute of careful comparison or about as much time as it takes you to brush your teeth! This is one habit that saves you from having to buy new boots again very quickly–as well as wear and tear on an outgrown pair.

Babies grow so fast in such small increments these days, we don’t have a second chance… not only do they outgrow shoes faster than before but they come in different sizes within brands at stores

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of baby shoes on Amazon that you can choose from. Online shopping can be a lot more fun, too, if it’s something you’re doing for your baby. Once you select the item for you, choose your address, and wait for the item to arrive, it can be a fulfilling moment knowing it will come in a couple of days just for your little one.

Make sure that when you shop for baby shoes on Amazon, read the descriptions, as well as the reviews. Also, consider the different size charts as it can vary from brand to another. The baby shoes on Amazon are very decent in design and quality, but the price tag can depend on the brand.

The quality of the product is not always tied to its price. Just because one thing is more expensive, it doesn’t mean that product is automatically better than its cheaper counterparts. Make sure to check out our article on toddler shoes, to get ready for your little one to start to grow. Consider your options when shopping, and of course, enjoy.


Baby Boots

The Best Winter Boots on Amazon to Get Kids Playing in Any Weather

Best Winter Boots on Amazon

When the weather outside gets frightful, the little one in your life needs a sturdy pair of snow boots. Our picks for the best kids’ winter boots on Amazon range from wool-lined and weatherproof to faux-fur fashionable, heavy duty to lightweight, big-kid sized to tiny-baby booties. Apart from looks and size, keep in mind the average snowfall where you live (twelve feet of snow vs. twelve inches) and what your kid likes to do (stroll on shoveled sidewalks to a friend’s house vs. spending all day constructing the world’s biggest snow fort). Then complete the look with our recs for the best mittens and hats and you’ll be set for sledding weather.

GUBARUN Snow Boots

1.GUBARUN Snow Boots Winter Waterproof Slip Resistant Cold Weather Shoes

These just might be the best snow boots for toddlers and kids available on Amazon. A mighty big claim, sure, but Gubarun’s do everything you want a boot to do for under 30 bucks. They’re waterproof, with a downy lining and textured sole; they’re super-simple to strap on; and they come in a range of colors sure to please even the pickiest dresser.

Buy It Here

Bogs B-moc Waterproof Insulated Toddler Winter Boot

2.Bogs B-moc Waterproof Insulated Toddler Winter Boot

Is your toddler deep into their “I can do it by myself” phase? Then take a peek at these boots by Bogs, which feature durable handles for easy-on/easy-off wear. These handles are even more of a godsend if kids stubbornly insist on putting on their gloves or mittens first, logic be damned.

Mid Iii Print Omni Heat Snow Boot

3.Columbia Kids’ Minx Mid Iii Print Omni-Heat Snow Boot

Someone should totally invent a word—besides “horrible,” that is—for the experience of getting snow stuffed up your pant leg and down into your sock. These boots from Columbia snake up the calf, all but guaranteeing comfy, happy shins, ankles, and toes, also known as “wintry bliss.”

Aleader Insulated Waterproof Cold Weather Snow Boots

4.Aleader Insulated Waterproof Cold-Weather Snow Boots

No matter how wind- or waterproof a boot might be, it’s no good if your child can’t actually go anywhere, which is why we’re obsessed with the thick, nonslip treads on Aleader’s snow boots. Indeed, you might even say that these boots are absolutely made for walking. (We’re sure Nancy Sinatra would approve.)

CONDA Baby Booties

5.CONDA Baby Booties Infant Fleece Slippers

OK, so technically babies don’t need boots in the same way that a toddler or little kid does, since they’re not exactly trudging through the snow. But they still need to keep those tootsies toasty. Conda’s booties do just that, enveloping baby feet in fleece with not one but two sets of Velcro straps to keep toes securely snug.

ICEFACE Kids Winter Snow Boots

6.ICEFACE Kids Winter Snow Boots Waterproof and Insulated

As stylish as they are functional, these boots are made for kicking snow and looking cool while doing so. Faux fur peeks out from the top of the hot-pink boot body, for maximum finesse, but extends all the way to the toes, eliminating any hint of frostiness.

Kamik Snobuster2 Snow Boot

7.Kamik Snobuster2 Snow Boot

Kamik’s Snobusters might look like your average rain boots, but looks, as they say, can be deceiving. Behind their rubber exterior is a soft, moisture-wicking lining. Aside from being cozy, this design makes the boots incredibly lightweight. No more literally trudging through the snow.

Baby Boots

The 5 Most Adorable Baby Shoes That Actually Stay On Your Little One’s Feet

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Adorable Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are super cute and all, but some of them have an inconvenient tendency to fall off your child’s feet. When it comes to the best baby shoes that stay on, it’s all about proper fit and secure fastening features to keep them right where they belong — on your little one’s tiny feet.

Your baby’s shoes will never stay on if they are too big. So figuring out your child’s correct shoe size from the get-go is super important. Before purchasing, take the time to measure the length and width of your child’s feet, and cross-reference that with the shoe brand’s size chart. You want the shoe to fit snuggly but without leaving indentations on the foot. Be on the lookout for shoes that have a good size range to help you to achieve the best fit possible.

That said, fit is about more than just size. Shoes need to utilize some kind of fastening feature to securely hug your child’s foot so that they won’t fall off. Look for options with one or more of the following:

  • Hook and loop closure: Adjustable straps with hook and loop closure (more commonly known by the trademarked name, “Velcro”) allow you to quickly and easily tweak the tightness of the shoe, which is a biggie if you have a little one who doesn’t want to sit still.
  • Snaps: While snaps aren’t quite as customizable as straps, they are much harder for a child to undo. If you’ve got a little one who can easily undo hook and loop closures, try upgrading to a shoe with snaps.
  • Toggles: Not many baby shoes have toggles, but when you find a good pair that does, they are worth snatching up. A toggle fastener is the ultimate choice when it comes to adjustability; loosen the toggle to slide your baby’s foot into the shoe, then tighten it with one easy motion.
  • Laces: Just like adult shoes, some baby shoes have laces that can be tied to varying degrees of tightness. The downsides with shoe laces are that they are more work for you to tie, and might be easy for your little one to untie.
  • Elastic: Getting shoes on squirmy feet can be difficult. However, shoes that feature elastic (at the heel or elsewhere) are much easier to get on since they stretch to accommodate your child’s foot for a secure fit. Elastic is often used in conjunction with one of the other fastening methods.

From straps to laces and everything in between, these 10 baby shoes actually stay on your little one’s feet — so you’ll never accidentally leave one behind.

1.Editor’s Choice: A Cozy Pair Of Soft, Snap-On Booties That Really, Truly Stay On

Zutano Fleece Baby Booties

Soft, cozy, adjustable… what’s not to love about these baby booties from Zutano? A fan-favorite on Amazon with more than 6,500 reviews, these fleece booties will certainly keep your little one’s feet from getting cold. Two adjustable snaps and gentle elastic at the ankle create a snug fit, so the shoes won’t slip off your child’s feet. Reviewers on Amazon gave these booties a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, with many people noting that they are the ideal combination of functional and cute.

Romper Commerce Editor Kate Miller raves, “I got these as a baby gift from a mama I consider to be always one step ahead on all things parenting. Of course, she was onto something. These booties are truly the best. While the price tag is a little steep, they last a really long time. I used the aforementioned baby-gift booties for both my daughters. Held up in the wash beautifully unlike so many other baby booties that lose their Velcro.”

Choose from a wide range of colors, including fun and bright apple green, two-tone gray and navy, and sweet baby pink.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Love these booties so much I had to get two pairs! My daughter likes to pull off her socks so I got these booties to go over her socks. I bought the 6 month size and she’s been wearing them since she was 2 months old and they still fit really well (she’s now almost 7 months). There are two snap buttons on the straps so you can adjust how tight you want the booties. They stay on her feet even though she tries to pull them off. I put these in the washer and dryer and they didn’t shrink either!”

2.A Pair Of Leather Moccasins That Slide On Easy (& Stay On)

Mejale Soft Sole Slip-On Baby Shoes

If you’re looking for a sweet pair of moccasins with a little extra staying power, these Mejale slip-ons are a good bet. The elastic closure makes all the difference, as it stretches for baby’s foot to slide in, then closes to keep it there (without an ounce of pinching). Beyond that, these booties are made from supple genuine leather, and the flexible suede sole provides traction for babies who are finding their feet. Choose from four different colors, including watermelon pink and yellow.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “[…]I especially love how easy they are to put on and take off, yet the elastic ring around the ankle has kept baby from removing the shoes, which amazes me because she has removed so many other types of shoes. They are holding up well after a couple of months of daily wear. These are our go/to shoes for our learning-to-walk baby.[…]”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant – 12 Months-24 Months Toddler

3.A Pair Of FringeMoccasins With Adjustable Straps

Antheron Infant Moccasins

Some styles of baby moccasins can be a real pain to put on, or can easily slide off the feet. But these Antheron moccasins are different, and it’s all thanks to the strap, which features hook and loop closure. Simply undo the strap, slide your little one’s foot into the shoe, and adjust the strap to the exact tightness you need. It’s as easy as that.

Functionality aside, these adorable shoes come with precious fringe detailing, and you can choose from a bunch of different colors to match any look, or opt for a lace closure instead. The soft sole is easy on little baby feet, and the breathable cotton lining ensures that these will be comfortable all day long.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Easy to put on and actually are staying on my Houdini baby who removes every other shoe! So glad I got them! I ordered the 6-12 month size for my 10 mo. They fit great with a bit of [room to] grow. Perfect!”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant, 6-12 Months Infant, 12-18 Months Infant

4.A Pair Of Stylish High-Tops

Meckior High-Top Sneakers

It honestly doesn’t get much cuter than baby high-tops, and this pair from Meckior will stay on surprisingly well. Tie laces allow you to tighten and loosen the shoes as needed, while elastic at the ankle makes getting the shoes on a total breeze. The shoes are made of a soft canvas material and feature a lightweight, anti-slip sole.

These high-tops have certainly caught the eyes of Amazon reviewers; they gave this pick an impressive 4.4-star rating among 500 and growing reviews.

Choose from a ton of different colors, including a bright yellow and a stylish brown and black combo.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Perfect for little fat baby feet. Even for my baby’s long narrow ones, they lace up nice and snug, so she can’t pull them off easily. Material is soft and light enough for my baby to move around in them.”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant, 6-12 Months Infant, 12-18 Months Toddler

5.A Pair Of Outdoor Boots That Can Be Worn Alone Or Over Other Shoes

Stonz Stay-On Baby Boots

When the weather is cool, these Stonz baby boots will certainly keep your little one’s toesies warm. The boots are made of a cold- and wind-resistant nylon and feature a fleece lining that’s extra cozy. Best yet, two adjustable toggles will keep the shoes on your baby’s feet, which is extra important when cold and wet weather is involved. What’s cool about this pick is that they can be worn alone or on top of another pair of shoes for added protection and warmth.

While this pick is a bit on the pricey side, Amazon reviewers noted that they’re worth every penny as they have held up in even the ickiest of weather; plus, the struggle to get the boot on is nonexistent (slip and cinch).

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These boots are amazing! They slide on so easily and stay on little wiggly feet! I love the grip of the base material and the durability of the whole shoe. We have every size and have used them with and without shoes under in rain, snow and shine and his feet are always dry and warm!”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant


Baby Boots

The Best Baby Booties to Keep Those Tootsies Warm

Best Baby Booties

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

There’s just something about baby clothes that make so many of us melt. Maybe it’s because those clothes serve as a snapshot in time when your child was really that small. Plus there are tons of adorable options to keep your baby the most fashionable tot on the block.

One somewhat overlooked baby clothes category is booties — especially for very young babies. Even if your baby hasn’t reached the crawling stage, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a few booties to keep their little tootsies warm and comfortable.

How we chose the best baby booties

So what goes into choosing the best baby booties? To create our roundup, we focused on the following key features:


Most baby clothes are sold in a size range and baby booties are no exception. So we looked at booties that ranged from a few months to as much as a full year of wear before you need to retire them.


Of course, design matters. Whether you’re trying to match a special holiday outfit or just want some cute shoes for everyday wear, you should think about the design. Sometimes you can find booties with features like animal faces, or booties that mimic the look of real shoes but with a soft sole.


There’s more than one reason to pick a pair of booties for your baby. In the early days, the focus should really be on keeping their feet warm.

But as your baby gets older and is ready to start standing or cruising, booties with tread on them are a smart choice to keep your little one from slipping and their feet protected and as they roam around the house.


Booties come in a variety of materials. Some are honestly not much different from socks, while others could almost double for actual shoes. Depending on your needs and your baby’s age, you might need either or both.

Healthline Parenthood’s picks of the best baby booties

Best fleece baby booties

Sawimlgly Cotton Booties

Sawimlgly Cotton Booties

Cooler weather calls for warmer shoes to keep your baby from catching a chill. The Sawimlgly Cotton Booties have a fleece-like texture in the upper and have a nonskid bottom which makes them safe for your little explorer to wear.

With 43 colors to choose from and three size ranges from 3 to 18 months, these booties will be in your arsenal as your child transitions from infancy to toddlerhood. What’s more, these booties have a full wraparound ankle closure for a secure fit and they’re machine washable.

Best baby booties for chubby feet

Burt’s Bees Baby Quilted Bee Organic Baby Booties

Burt Bees Baby Quilted Bee Organic Baby Booties

Some babies just have thicker feet. And while they’re super adorable, it can make buying shoes for them harder.

Thankfully, these Burt’s Bees Baby Quilted Bee Organic Cotton Booties are designed from stretchy organic cotton to accommodate even the chubbiest of baby feet. The wraparound ankle closure has two adjustment options to grow with your tyke, and the soft jersey knit offers breathability while being gentle for sensitive skin.

Note though, that there’s no tread on these soles so these are best reserved for the pre-walking stage.

Best baby booties for active kickers

HsdsBebe Baby Booties

HsdsBebe Baby Booties

Parents of active kickers know that simple socks and shoes are no match against the power of their baby’s will. In that case, you need a bootie with a secure strap to prevent all that activity from defeating yet another pair of shoes.

These HsdsBebe Unisex Cotton Booties feature a wraparound ankle closure that’s guaranteed to stand up to even the most active baby. We like that these have a textured bottom which makes them safe for walkers. And of the 42 styles available there are even a few cute options with bunny ears.

Best adjustable baby booties

Kuner Waterproof Winter Booties

Kuner Waterproof Winter Booties

With three size ranges from 0 to 18 months and roughly 6 months of wear in each range, these are great adjustable options for little feet. We think the Kuner Newborn Waterproof Winter Booties give parents the most bang for their buck — if you’re focused on longevity, you can’t go wrong.

A wraparound style closure gives you the flexibility you need to keep little feet warm as they grow. Choose from six colors and rest easy knowing that these booties feature a nonskid bottom.

Most affordable baby booties

Carrean Baby Booties with Anti-Slip Soft Soles

Considering how quickly babies grow, we don’t blame any parent who isn’t interested in spending a lot of money on a shoe that their baby might only be able to wear for a month or two. Carrean Baby Booties with Anti-Slip Soft Soles are a great affordable solution that can work for your baby from newborn through the toddler stage.

With a size range from 0 to 18 months and 12 styles, you can keep your little one well heeled without breaking the bank. These shoes feature textured soles making them safe for walkers.

Best waterproof baby booties

Enteer Infant Snow Boots

Enteer Infant Snow Boots

Keeping your baby’s feet protected from the elements is important — especially in the winter. Enteer Infant Snow Boots are designed to keep little toes dry even when a snow shower comes your way.

These boots feature an anti-slip sole and have a faux fur interior to keep your baby’s feet warm. Choose from four colors and three size ranges from 3 to 18 months. You’ll also appreciate the wraparound ankle closure for a more secure fit.

Baby Boots

The 7 Best Rain Boots for Kids, Including Toddlers and Tweens

Comfort, flexibility, and oh-so cute designs will chase away any rainy day blues.

Best Rain Boots for Kids

Kids love a rainy day. Splashing in puddles and wearing a pair of rain boots covered in glitter, flashing lights, or a bright print — what’s more fun than that? But parents know the most important thing is that the boots keep their kids’ feet dry and warm. That’s why we rounded up a list of the best rain boots for kids that aren’t just cute, but are also totally functional. We found pairs for toddlers to tweens.


Printed Rain Boots

Printed Rain Boots

With over 15 designs to choose from, these printed boots got rave reviewers thanks to the comfortable lining and flexibility.


Children’s Natural Rubber Rain Boots with Handles

Children's Natural Rubber Rain Boots with Handles

With non-slip bottoms, you won’t have to worry when your little one is running and jumping in puddles. The durable handles will make all the difference when kids are putting ’em on.


Clouds Skipper Waterproof Rain Boot

Clouds Skipper Waterproof Rain Boot

Comfort is key with these boots, which come with removable padded insoles with arch support.


Kids Neoprene Boots

Kids Neoprene Boots

These polka dot show stoppers are non-slip and non-marking so they don’t wreck your floors. They are 100% waterproof and have a neoprene lining to keep your child’s feet warm and dry.


Kids First Classic Starcloud Glitter Rain Boot

Kids First Classic Starcloud Glitter Rain Boot

Add a little sparkle to a dreary day with these glitter rain boots. Reviewers give them 5-stars, but suggest ordering a size up to make room for socks.


Raindrops Rain Boots

Raindrops Rain Boots

Your little one will slip their feet into a bed of warm, cushioned goodness when they wear these Kamik Raindrops Rain Boots. The nylon lining makes it easy for your sweetie to slip on and off, while a padded footbed makes these boots comfy to wear throughout the day.


Roll Up Welly Waterproof Rain Boot

Roll Up Welly Waterproof Rain Boot

Whether you choose the shark design or stripes, the grippy bottoms will allow for non-slip, non-stop fun in the puddles.


Baby Boots

The Best Rain Boots For Kids To Take Puddle-Jumping To The Next Level

Rain rain, don’t go away!


The fact that you and your little one have to actually leave the house on a rainy day is hard enough. Make the wet journey more tolerable by making sure your sweetie’s feet are toasty and dry (and get them a kids umbrella, too). As a mom, when I’m searching for the perfect rain boots for my energetic, puddle-jumping kids, I want a pair that’s completely waterproof, fairly cute, and doesn’t make them feel like they are lugging around cinder blocks on their feet.

Plus, older kids’ rain boots have gotten really stylish, so there’s no need to worry about your tween or teen being embarrassed to wear them. Wellies are now chic, and honestly, more affordable than ever, making them an essential in everyone’s wardrobe.

All kids need a pair of reliable, puddle-proof rain boots. Check out our 7favorite kids’ rain boots that are as fun as they are functional.

1.Lonecone Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

Lonecone Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

These colorful kids’ rain boots are a simple, durable style that will leave your kid’s feet comfortable and dry. They’re 100% waterproof and come in tons of different patterns to match any personality.

The bottoms of the boots provide extra gripping power thanks to the rubber nubs that really hold onto the ground.

2.Yellow Duck Rain Boots

Yellow Duck Rain Boots

My 2-year-old nephew insists that these are the best, “most good,” rain boots for kids “cause der ducks.” You can’t argue with a solid argument like that, can you?

They also kept his feet warm and dry during a torrential downpour in New York City, where you really don’t want to step in puddles without protection.

3.Girls Glitter Rain Boot, Multi, 13 M US Little Kid

Girls Glitter Rain Boot

My 8-year-old niece disagrees with my nephew, saying that these are the best because “They go with everything. Ducks are fun, but they’re not good for fourth grade, Aunt Cat.” Again, stellar points. Again, these are basically indestructible and under $15. Heck, I’d wear these if they came in my size.

4.Saltwater Chelsea Boot

Saltwater Chelsea Boot

Sperry is mostly thought of in terms of boat shoes, but their affordable rain boots for kids should not be passed up. Shorter than many offerings, these are designed for comfort and rugged usefulness. Go crabbing on the beach or hop in muddy puddles in your backyard in these adorable short Chelseas.

5.Bogs Skipper Rubber Waterproof

Bogs Skipper Rubber Waterproof

When the weather turns colder, an insulated boot can keep those tiny piggies toasty! A layer of soft sherpa covers the inside of these strong rubber boots from Bogs.

Bogs is one of the most popular rain boots brands because of the quality combined with the price. In this pair, the insulation and the boot itself are generously thick, making this a beast of a boot.

6.Girls Rain Boot

Girls Rain Boot

Your kids will be a step ahead in keeping dry in these boots thanks to the genius tether at the top that holds the calf, and keeps out the rain and moisture. It’s easy to use, and even young kids don’t seem to have a problem adjusting the tightness of the tether.

7.Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boot

Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boot

Chances are, your kid already has a pair — or two! — of Crocs in their closet. They’ll get the same lightweight durability found in those classic clogs here in this rain boot.

Bonus: The thick handles make it easy for kids to pull them on and off all by themselves. With over 3,000 positive Amazon reviews, what’s not to love?


Baby Boots

The Best Snow Boots

Durable and comfy, the Kamik Kids Rockets will last through any snow day fun

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Once the flurries start falling, it’s near impossible to keep kids from wanting to go outside and play in the snow. When those snowflakes start to accumulate, your little one will need to bundle up to stay warm and dry, and that includes their feet. Winter snow boots are essential if you live somewhere that sees a lot of snow because they keep your kid’s feet cozy and comfortable all day long as they play outside and walk to and from school (or even just to and from the car!).

Reviewed & Approved

The Kamik Kids Rocket Cold Weather Boots feature a waterproof rubber shell to keep feet dry and reflective patches for safety. For fleece-lined boots, we recommend the Kamik Kids Snowgypsy 3 Insulated Snow Boots.

Beyond the size and fit, You’ll want to consider the different types of lining commonly found in snow boots, like faux fur, fleece, and felt. You should also check to ensure the boot is waterproof to keep feet not only dry, but warm, too. We carefully considered sizing, insulation, material, value, and design when reviewing products.

Here are the best snow boots for kids.

Our Top Picks

Best for Toddlers:

 Kamik Kids Rocket Cold Weather Boot at Amazon


Best for New Walkers:

 BMCiTYBM Toddler Winter Snow Boots at Amazon


Best Warm:

 Kamik Kids Insulated Snow Boots at Amazon


Best Waterproof:

 Sorel Youth Flurry Boot at Amazon


Best Budget:

DREAM PAIRS Ducko Ankle Winter Snow Boots at Amazon

Best for Toddlers: Kamik Kids Rocket Cold Weather Boot


  • Waterproof rubber shell

  • Temperature rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Reflective patches for safety


  • Limited flexibility in sole

  • Sizing may be confusing

The Kamik Kids Rocket Cold Weather Boots earned a top spot on our list because of the reinforced ankle strap for stability, which comes in handy regardless of weather conditions. The boots also have a bungee cord at the top to prevent snow from sneaking in, a rubber foot and sole, a thermal insole for warmth, and a moisture-wicking liner that can be removed if needed. The soles are made to improve traction and the boots’ overall design focuses on keeping little toes dry and warm.

Lining Type: Zylex | Sole Type: Rubber | Closure Type: Velcro and bungee cord | Size Range: 8 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), and 4 to 12 (big kids)

Winter Snow Boots


  • Rubber soles

  • Flexible cushions and padding


  • Some colors are not waterproof

New walkers will have a little extra support and traction with these winter boots. They have rubber soles to help prevent slips and keep the toes dry as well as a fluffy faux-fur lining to ensure their feet stay warm in the coldest months. The boots have soft flexible cushions and padding around the ankle and tongue to provide extra comfort as well as support so little ones don’t lose their balance.

Lining Type: Faux fur | Sole Type: Rubber | Closure Type: Bungee cord | Size Range: 6 to 12 months (infant), 12 to 24 months (toddlers), and 11 to 12 (little kids)

Insulated Snow Boots


  • Waterproof sole

  • Cozy fleece lining


  • Sizing may be confusing

The last thing you want is for your kid to be too cold outside, and these faux-fur boots will give you the assurance their feet will stay toasty. In addition to the fur collar along the top of the boot, the rest of the inside is lined with cozy fleece and a soft foam cushion. On the outside, the boot has a lightweight rubber sole and nylon upper to keep the feet dry. These boots also have bungee lacing to ensure they’re snug and tight to keep snow out and ankles supported.

Lining Type: Fleece | Sole Type: Rubber | Closure Type: Bungee cord | Size Range: 8 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), 4 to 7 (big kids)

Sorel Youth Flurry Boot


  • Waterproof fabric

  • Removable and washable felt inner liner


  • Costly (depending on size)

  • Lower temperature rating (only -25 degrees Fahrenheit)

If you live somewhere that gets more slush than snow, these are the boots for your kiddo. The upper is made from a waterproof fabric with a bungee closure that blocks water, snow, and wind from sneaking in. They also have a rubber lower that works as a barrier to water and provides extra traction for slippery conditions. Plus, they come in all kinds of great colors.

Lining Type: Felt | Sole Type: Rubber | Closure Type: Velcro and bungee cord | Size Range: 8 to 13 (little kids) and 1 to 7 (big kids)


Ankle Winter Snow Boots


  • Budget-friendly

  • Side zipper


  • Only one big kid size

These boots are budget-friendly and still get the job done. They have a waterproof shell and synthetic sole which is made to increase traction, insulated lining, and double straps to ensure a snug fit and keep snow out. In addition to the two straps, the boots also have a side zipper to make it easier for kids to get them on and off.

Lining Type: Thermal | Sole Type: Rubber | Closure Type: Velcro | Size Range: 9 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), and 4 (big kids)

What to Look for in Snow Boots for Kids 


Picking the correct size when it comes to snow boots can be tricky. You want your kiddo to have a snug fit but not so tight they’re uncomfortable while out in the cold weather. Before picking out a size, measure your child’s foot from heel to toe to get an exact measurement of their foot. This will help you when it comes to looking at the boot manufacturer’s size chart. 

Your best bet for sizing is for your child to try on the boots themselves. This will ensure they have a proper fit and feel comfortable. If trying them on is not an option, view the manufacturer’s size chart to get started. Many size charts will show sizes in inches that you can then compare to your child’s foot measurement. 

Some parents and caregivers believe going up one size from their child’s regular shoe size is a good rule to follow. Because snow boots are heavily insulated, their feet will more than likely need a little bit of room. Always follow the manufacturer’s size chart first before purchasing, though. Also, note that sizing among brands will vary, so it’s ideal to try on the boots before deciding on the right pair.


One of the most important features to look for when buying snow boots is insulation. Snow boots are much more insulated than rain boots and often feature special ties, like Velcro or bungee cord, to keep the boots on better and keep out snow. You’ll want to consider the different types of lining commonly found in snow boots, like faux fur, fleece, and felt. 

Faux fur is extremely soft and will keep feet very warm while out in the snow, but some kids may complain that their feet are too hot. Fleece, a woven fabric, comes in different weights, like lightweight, medium, or heavy, and is affordable. Felt is also an affordable and heavy material, so it’s great for really cold weather, but may make feet overheat like faux fur.


Snow boots need to be insulated to keep kids’ feet warm, but they also need to be waterproof to keep kids’ feet dry. Most snow boots use a synthetic material as their upper fabric, which is usually waterproof, but not always. Some have synthetic nubuck, like Kamik Kids Rocket Cold Weather Boot (view at Amazon), which is also known as microsuede. An upper type like this is very durable, soft to the touch, and water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for snow boots.

Having a bungee or other cinch closure at the top of the boot is also important to keep snow from falling down into the boot as kids play.



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