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Comfy Summer Sandals For Kids That You Can Buy Online

Summer Shoes For Toddlers

Summers involve a lot of play and activities for children, thanks to the pleasantly warm weather. As such, the best summer shoes for toddlers need to be versatile in handling the challenges. Whether it is the heat or the accompanying rain, summer footwear needs to withstand the elements while still being comfortable and easy to put on. Read on the list of summer shoes for toddlers in this compilation that we have put together.

Best Odor-Resistant: Hobibear Boys Girls Outdoor Sandals

Hobibear Boys Girls Outdoor Sandals

Available in various sizes, these shoes have a synthetic sole and a cushioned leather footbed for maximum comfort. This closed-to esandals help protect your little one’s feet and keep the dirt out. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant and flexible to give your toddler a pleasurable experience. This pair can match any dress and is ideal for parties, schools, and outings.


  • Odor-resistant
  • Offers stability and traction while walking
  • Anti-collision toe cap
  • Hook-and-loop closure


  • Shoes might have a peculiar smell
  • Wide ankle design might be uncomfortable
  • Sole might wear off easily

Best Skin-Friendly: Dadawen Boys Girls Water Shoes

Dadawen Boys Girls Water Shoes

Dadawen’s toddler summer shoes are available in various colors and are made from 100% synthetic material, with rubber soles. These hybrid sneaker water shoes can be worn on the beach, pool, backyard, etc. They are easy to wash, and the hook-and-loop design makes them easy to wear and take off. This pair of shoes has an elastic opening for a secure fit and comfortable wearing.


  • Features a skin-friendly, soft mesh material
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Flexible outsole
  • Anti-slip design


  • Strap might not work at times
  • Might have a peculiar smell
  • Sole might fall apart easily

Best Water-Friendly: Okilol Toddler Slip-On Sandals

Okilol Toddler Slip-On Sandals

The slip-on sandals from Okilo feature a classic design that provides stability and comfort to your child. The design offers breathable holes for ventilation. They are soft, bendable, and made from lightweight EVA material.


  • Water-friendly
  • Easy on/off slip-on design
  • Cushioned insole
  • Shock-resistant shoe design


  • Sole might come off easily
  • Shoe might shrink
  • Edges might start peeling off


Toddler Sandals

Best Toddler Sandals for Girls & Boys (2022 Reviews)

Toddler Sandals

When the weather is warm, keep your kid’s feet comfortable in summer sandals. A great pair of sandals is toddler-proof, meaning they’re sturdy enough to hold up to a clumsy walker, stay on even when your mini-me tries to tear them off, and are soft enough to be comfortable on a little one’s tender, soft feet.

Of course, a fashionable shoe doesn’t hurt, either! Since toddlers grow out of their shoes so quickly, it doesn’t pay to break the bank on a pair of snazzy sandals, so here are some of our favorites that are affordable and perfect for your whirling dervish of energy this summer season going into fall.

The Best Toddler Sandals

Keen Unisex Newport H2 Sandal

Keen Unisex Newport H2 Sandal

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Why it’s great: These unisex shoes are available for toddlers and your older kids, too. They come in an array of colors to meet every taste, from purple to green, brown, red, and pink. The Newports are super durable and offer plenty of support and traction (even stellar arch support) for growing feet and toes.

Wash them off after your kid plays in mud or water (they have quick-drying fabric – a benefit for beachwear!) and they’ll look brand-new again. Kids can put them on in a jiffy when they’re in a hurry via velcro closures. These are an all-around great buy that you’ll want to repurchase when your child’s feet get larger!

Keep in mind: Sizing may not match your child’s other shoes from different brands – check the size chart and read reviews before ordering!

Good for: Kids who like adventuring outside and can be rough on their footwear.

Apakowa Unisex Beach Sandals

(Best budget option — $)

Apakowa Unisex Beach Sandals

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Why it’s great: These breathable sandals have great traction for kids who love to run. They also have a design that prevents stubbed toes: the front portion has a closed-toe design to protect feet! Made with a soft inner lining so there are no blisters, these comfortable sand and sun shoes have an adjustable velcro closure for the perfect fit.

Apakowa crafts their durable sandals out of the finest leather, so they’ll last until your kid grows out of them. They’re also super simple to clean, ultra-breathable, and come in multiple colors for your finicky little person.

Keep in mind: These may take a bit longer to ship than other styles; plan accordingly when ordering.

Good for: Kids who need some room to grow (they run half a size big) and toddlers who like being hard on their sandals!

Toddler Sandals

The 5 Best Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet — For Adventures Without Blisters

Toddler Sandals

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Toddlers put serious mileage on their sandals, whether your adventures take you to the beach, pool, or just around your backyard. It’s hard enough to find shoes that actually stay on toddler feet, let alone ones for wide feet. Some standard-fit toddler shoes run so narrow you can’t even get their foot in to try them on at all. That’s where the best toddler sandals for wide feet come in. Designed with a roomy footbed and adjustable straps, these sandals offer a pinch-free fit that won’t rub or irritate the sides of the foot.

There are some ways you can tell if sandals don’t fit, such as indentions, redness, and if the toddler always wants to take off their shoes, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). While some kids might be playing a game, it’s best to check in because ill-fitting shoes can cause children pain, calluses, corns, ingrown toenails or blisters, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet

Stretchy materials and/or Velcro straps at the top of the foot and ankle are a must to get the perfect fit for wide feet. Some models have an adjustment at the heel too, which works wonders for kids between sizes length-wise. Depending if your child’s feet are merely wide or wide and chunky, you’ll want to look for soft, extra-stretchy uppers that accommodate bigger feet.

As with all toddler shoes, you’ll want a sole with serious tread. For sandals, this is even more crucial because they will need to be slip-proof on wet surfaces like pool decks and splash pads. Closed-toe models are a must for tots that love climbing and running or are attending a day camp this summer.

We’ve saved you the trial and error (and drama): All of our picks below for the best toddler sandals for wide feet come in specifically wide sizes or reviewers report they run wide and have adjustments that work well for wide feet.


The Overall Best Toddler Sandal For Wide Feet

Teva Y Hurricane XLT 2 Sport Sandal

While these lightweight Teva sandals don’t come in a wide size, reviewers say the footbed does run wide. The adjustable straps at the heel, toes, and ankle make them a huge hit with parents whose kids have wide feet. These easy-on sandals come in 36 colors/patterns and the rubber sole has enough traction for the park, pool deck, or even hiking. The sandal boasts a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon after more than 5,000 reviews.

Helpful Review: “My baby is 18 months with wide feet and this sandal fits perfectly, especially since it can be adjusted for width and length (adjustable for heel, top, and ankle) with room for growth during the summer months. It also looks very comfortable and a sandal she can wear everyday.”

Available sizes: Toddler 4—10 (standard); Little Kid and Big Kid sizes also offered


These Fan-Favorite Sandals That Protect Toes At Playtime

HOBIBEAR Sport Sandals

These highly rated quick-dry sandals are perfect for the pool, playground, or hiking. While they don’t come in wide sizes, reviewers note they are a perfect fit for active toddlers with wide feet. Small fabric loops on the top and heel make it easier for toddlers to pull them on and off themselves and the flexible rubber sole has serious treads for muddy or slippery surfaces. The hook-and-loop strap at the ankle lets you get a precise fit to ensure they’re comfy but stay on the foot. They come in eight colors including neutrals and even bright purple.

Helpful Review: “If your child has wide feet like my son, GET THESE. Seriously I’m so relieved I found a pair of sandals that I can actually get his feet all the way in no problem, and they also don’t burst out the sides. […] I’ve bought so many shoes that I can’t even get his foot more than half way in. It’s been a struggle to find shoes let alone sandals that are wide enough for his feet. […] he seemed comfortable in them running around.”

Available sizes: Toddler 5.5—10.5 (standard); Little Kid and Big Kid sizes also offered


The Comfiest, Shiniest Sandals In Wide & X-Wide Sizes

Stride Rite Luna Sandal

Stride Rite Luna Sandal

Not only do these adorable sandals come in the sparkliest silver leather, they feature a memory foam footbed and come in wide and extra-wide sizes. The closed-toe design and secure ankle strap make it park-ready, but the shiny leather, floral embroidery across the heel and glittery straps over the feet make these fancy enough to be paired with a summer dress for a nice meal out on your summer trip.

Helpful Review: “Used stride rites measurement technique from their website. Fit perfectly. No red marks after wearing. Child can run, climb, walk with out issue. Plus she loves the sparkle. Love the toe protection.”

Available sizes: Toddler 4—10 (standard, wide, extra wide)


Some Budget-Friendly Sandals Perfect For The Splash Pad

Apakowa Kid Closed Toe Sandals

These affordable water-friendly sandals are perfect for sweaty little feet and water play because they dry fast thanks to their hydrophobic lining. They have hook-and-loop adjustments at the top of the foot and heel so they stay on while your little one is on the go. The sturdy toe guard protects against stubbed toes and as one reviewer pointed out, “Before my son outgrows shoes, the toe usually wears out… Not with these! The toe is ‘toddler proof.’” Choose from three different color options.

Helpful Review: “So glad we found these sandals for my son who has very wide, chubby feet!! They are roomy enough, with a sturdy and wide base. They do run a tad large even for him (he wore extra wide in Stride Rite), which is fine, as they are adjustable in two places so that one can get a secure fit yet have room to grow into. […] It is very difficult to find wide shoes for toddlers that are cute, well-made, and wide enough! […]”

Available sizes: Toddler 5—10 (standard); Little Kid sizes also offered


The Dressy Sandals That Only Look Spendy

Dressy Sandals

These unisex sandals in faux leather can be dressed up for dinner out or down for a playdate at the park. The thicker cushioned sole offers shock absorption and keeps toddlers from ending up with grass or pebbles between their toes. They also come in dressy-looking shades of gold, silver, and white. Reviewers rave about how lightweight these are and that unlike many similar pairs, they offer two points of adjustment at the ankle and toes.

Helpful Review: “I decided to try these out for my 3 year old and I’m very glad I did! They are a great little pair of sandals. Other branded sandals have given my child blisters, but not these ones. They are comfortable and are very easy to put on. The Velcro straps make it nice and easy to adjust the fit but are strong enough to stay on when running or playing hard. They fit true to size.”

Available sizes: Toddler 4—10 (standard)


Toddler Sandals

The 5 Best Toddler Shoes For Wide Feet So You Can Get Out The Door Faster

Toddler Shoes

It’s a tale as old as time. You pack the bags, load up the car — you’re actually going to be on time for once! All that’s left to do is put on shoes and get out the door. It seems so easy…and yet. Your toddler hates the shoes. Despises the shoes. Wants to wear the other shoes. It’s the fight of your life to simply get the shoes on the feet. But what if the missing piece here isn’t a peaceful disposition but simply a better-fitting shoe? The best toddler shoes for wide feet are designed with extra breadth for a fit that could save the day — or at the very least, a few minutes (and your sanity).

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Toddler Shoes For Wide Feet

It’s important to get the right fit to keep feet healthy and comfortable as your little one grows. And while sizing up might seem like an easy solution, you don’t want your child tripping over their feet. It’s best to find a comfortable shoe that fits the correct length and width. For help at home, you can use a measuring tool to first identify the correct shoe size. For width, you’ll need to do a little more investigating.

Your first hint is to pay attention to your kiddo: Are they complaining that their shoes are too tight? It’s time to inspect their shoes and exactly how they fit. Have your child stand up straight with both shoes on and feel for any pressure around the widest part of the foot. The foot should be snug but there shouldn’t be any pinching. If too much pressure causes indentions on their feet after a day of wear, a wider fit will likely be a more comfortable option. You can also trace their foot on a piece of paper and measure at the widest part, and then cross-reference the width with a brand’s size chart (if available).

Keep in mind that toddler feet grow practically overnight: about a half size every 2 to 3 months! Your best bet is to monitor growing feet just as often.

Read on for the best toddler shoes for wide feet to keep those little toes happy, healthy, and moving promptly out the door.


The Overall Best Toddler Shoe For Wide Feet, All Things Considered

New Balance 455 V2 Hook and Loop Running

New Balance makes toddler shoes for wide feet that are equally durable and stylish, so it’s no surprise that their 455 V2 shoe has racked up nearly 5,000 all-positive ratings on Amazon. It comes in wide sizes so it’s specifically designed to fit well as you and your hard-charging tot move from playground to playground … to playground. The hook-and-loop closure makes for an easy on/off (those laces are decorative). Spring for the sleek black (featured) or choose from multiple colors for a shoe that’s as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

Helpful Review: “Love these shoes!! My son has extremely wide feet and I have so much trouble finding shoes that fit him. These fit great, are good quality and stylish!”


An Easy-On Pair Of Mesh Sneakers That Are Perfect For Wide Feet

GUBARUN Toddler Lightweight Sneakers

 putting socks on your toddler is one battle you’d like to leave behind, you’ll love these breathable sneakers. Shoppers love the durability, too. The nonslip, flexible soles are made to last. While not specifically offered in wide sizes, the stretchy material and adjustable closure make them perfect for chubby feet. (Just listen to the numerous Amazon shoppers raving about how great they are for wide feet.) Snag them in a number of bright colors!

Helpful Review: “I got these shoes for my son who I’ve had a hard time getting shoes on before realizing he probably needs wide shoes. These are so great for that. They’re super flexible and stretchy and are so easy to get on and off his feet. And I love how lightweight they are for him.”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 2—10; Little Kid sizes also offered


These Wildly Popular Toddler Crocs That Are Comfy & Quick-Drying

Crocs Toddler Classic Clog

Listen, there comes a point in parenthood when all fashion qualms go out the window in exchange for a shoe that’s waterproof, goes on easy, wipes clean, and fits literally all feet. The humble Croc can do it all and it’s time you just give in and enjoy. Parents love how even the youngest of toddlers can slip these on by themselves. And kids love the assortment of colors. Plus, you can pop in charms to personalize the shoes based on your little one’s current obsessions — be it superheroes or unicorns.

Helpful Review: “[…]When I was pregnant, I bought all sorts of adorable leather shoes for our son and couldn’t wait for them to fit. Well, at about 9 months, I tried a pair of the Frye sneakers on that I’d been so excited about, and guess what?! I couldn’t get his fat little foot in there. Same thing with the infant UGG booties I’d bought. Finally, my husband suggested Crocs and I reluctantly ordered a pair. They went right on my son’s chubby little foot and I hate to admit it, but they’re adorable! […]”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 4 —10; Infant, Little Kid, and Big Kid sizes also offered


A Lace-Up Sneaker In Wide & Extra-Wide Sizes

New Balance Kid 888 V2 Lace-Up Running Shoe

If your toddler is ready to venture into the lace-up world, these New Balance sneakers for wide feet are the perfect first choice. They come in colors like purple, pink, and red, in addition to the perfect “dad sneaker” gray. Parents of children who wear orthotic braces find this shoe to be an excellent option, especially thanks to the extra-wide sizing options. They’re made with durable suede uppers and rubber outsoles, making for a sturdy pair of kicks that will still be in great shape for younger siblings to wear, too.

Not ready for laces? New Balance also has a hook-and-loop option in wide and extra-wide sizes.

Helpful Review: “I bought these shoes for my 1-year-old who wears Cascade DAFOs, which are extremely difficult to find a shoe to fit because they are extremely wide. Other parents with kids who wear orthotic braces love this shoe so I thought I’d try. We bought the extra wide because of the laces we are able to adjust and fit her DAFOs. I am also impressed with the stability of this shoe compared to others that we have tried. They help improve her ankle posture even further.”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5—10 (standard, wide, and extra-wide); Infant, Little Kid, and Big Kid sizes also offered


These Breathable, Lightweight Sneakers Built For Play

tombik Lightweight Toddler Sneakers

If your little one likes to run, jump, and climb, they need shoes built for the job. This lightweight sneaker is designed for play. While this shoe doesn’t come in specifically wide sizes, the breathable mesh contours to the width of the foot, and also allows for ventilation during those particularly intense play sessions. The nonslip rubber sole is flexible and durable enough to keep up with your kiddo. Choose from nine easy-to-match colors.

Helpful Review: “I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit my son’s fat feet…they are always either too narrow or don’t open up enough for me to get his foot in without smashing his poor feet in the shoe just to have him rip them off. tombik makes great shoes for kiddos! We have had a pair for a couple of months now and they are excellent…!”

  • Available sizes: Toddler 5 — 10; Little Kid sizes also offered
Toddler Sandals

The 5 Best Toddler Sandals

Best Toddler Sandals

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Whether your little one is enjoying a day at the pool or beach, going for a walk, or playing outside in the backyard, sandals are a must when the weather is warm. Like adult sandals, the best toddler sandals offer breathability, ventilation, and secure straps, but they’re extra cute when they’re designed for small feet.

What To Look For When Shopping For Toddler Sandals

In most situations, closed-toe sandals are the ideal choice, since they protect your little one’s feet from the sticks, debris, and other dangerous stuff that they can encounter outside. Open-toed shoes may be a bit more breathable, but they don’t offer quite as much protection as their closed-toe counterparts. However, there are times when an open-toed sandal might be good enough, particularly if it’s a stable design and your toddler won’t be doing extensive walking.

Other Features To Consider

There are other features that you should be on the lookout for when buying a pair of warm-weather toddler shoes. Straps or other closures are a biggie since they help to keep the shoes securely in place while supporting the foot. Sandals with rubber soles or a grooved tread are also helpful, as they provide your little one with some traction to stave off slipping or falling. And of course, you want the sandals to be comfortable and good for healthy foot development, so look for shoes that are supportive or offer some type of cushioning.

From stable outdoor sandals to colorful slip-ons, these 10 toddler sandals are highly-adored on Amazon because they are functional, comfortable, and cute as can be.

Shop The Best Toddler Sandals

1.A Fan-Favorite Sandal For Outdoor Activities

KEEN Kids Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandal

KEEN Kids Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandal


These Keen unisex toddler sandals are favorites on Amazon, boasting a near-perfect star-rating along with 5,800 written reviews. So why are these sandals so highly adored? Well, for starters, the sandals offer great support for the foot, so they’ll be mega comfortable for your little one. The mesh lining allows for superior breathability, while the lugged rubber outsole provides traction. An elastic cord lace and velcro keep the shoes securely in place, and the closed-toed front means no stubbed toes. All of this and a seriously amazing color selection? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Great sandals for my active toddler!! I love the protective coverage but it’s still a ventilated sandal. My toddler is outside 80% of his waking hours, we are in the mud, in grave, in water, grass and all over again. I hose them down on his feet and they dry quickly. I really appreciate the toe coverage, most sandals lack in this department and we have to worry about scraped tops of the feet and busted nails. We have no blisters, no hot spots. They fit perfectly. We ended up buying another pair in brown we loved them so much. They have a little loop to keep them secure which is genius for the active toddler as well.”

  • Available Colors: 38
  • Available Sizes: Toddler 4-10, Little Kid 1-13, & Big Kid 1-7

2.An Adorable Sandal That’s Built To Last

Stride Rite Unisex Whitney Sandal

Stride Rite Unisex Whitney Sandal

Beloved shoe brand Stride Rite knocks it out of the park (per usual) with these lightweight toddler sandals. Not only are they ultra-cute (I mean can you even with that metallic finish and cute bow), they’re also just a solid pair of shoes.

The open-toe sandals feature an oversized opening for easy on and off. The buckled strap ensures that the shoes will actually stay on, while the extra treads on the soles will help keep your little one on their feet. Plus, they come with a memory foam footbed so your toddler can walk comfortably. Amazon reviewers give the shoes an impressive 4.8-star rating, calling them “Very cute and well made.”

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These shoes have a darling summery look that elevates any outfit. I love the cushy insoles and the support, which is not typically easy to find in a kids sandal. These sandals are very well made and worth the money. We will be enjoying these ALL summer!”

  • Available Colors: 4
  • Available Sizes: Toddler 4-10 & Little Kid 1-13, including select wide sizes

3.A Budget-Friendly Sandal That Parents Love

ALEADER Kids Sport Sandals

ALEADER Kids Sport Sandals

These Aleader toddler sandals are worth snatching up not only because of their low price (barely $20!), but also because they’re a quality pair of sandals that your toddler can wear on all of their outdoor adventures. The sandals feature a foam footbed that hugs your little one’s feet, providing cushioning in all the right places. Other features include a quick-drying mesh that’s breathable, a rubber sole for superior traction, and a closed-toe front that offers protection from the elements. The elastic cord ensures that the shoes stay in place.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “We LOVE these hiking sandals! I bought these for my 4 year old who is very active! They are very easy to get on and off with the Velcro closure which is great because she can do it herself. They are padded really well both on the soles and around the entire shoe so no blisters. We do a lot of hiking and beach trips come spring and summer and a lot of places have water. I don’t have to worry about her putting her feet in. She is protected without having to take off her shoes…Also love these for amusement parks. Lots of walking but they are airy and comfortable. Mom and toddler approved.”

  • Available Colors: 3
  • Available Sizes: Toddler 7-10, Little Kid 1-13

4.A Sporty Everyday Sandal

Nike Kids’ Sunray Protect Sandal

Nike Kids' Sunray Protect Sandal


When your little one is constantly on-the-go, you need a pair of quality sandals for them to wear all summer long. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this pick from Nike. The casual design makes this the perfect shoe for daily wear, and more importantly, your toddler will love how the sandals feel on their feet. Even though the sandals are closed at the front, this doesn’t mean that this pick lacks breathability; the perforated top allow for extra air flow. Plus, the velcro strap holds the shoes in place, and the rubber soles provide traction.

Choose from a couple of different solids and color-blocked combinations.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Son loves these! They are super light weight and easy to put on and take off…a definite MUST for squirmy toddlers! The whole top portion can be opened via velcro on both sides to slide a foot in very easy. Worth the extra $ for the lightness and design compared to a few other types of toddler footwear.”

  • Available Colors: 12
  • Available Sizes: Infant 2-10, Toddler 2-10, & Little Kid 1-13

5.A Fun Pair Of Slide Sandals

tombik Slide Sandals

tombik Slide Sandals


Unicorns? Sharks? Dinosaurs? All of your toddler’s favorite creatures can be found on these slide sandals from tombik. But beyond being super cute, these sandals boast features that make them ultra-comfortable to wear. The curved footbed provides arch support, while the wide and cushioned toe strap means no blisters for your little one’s feet. The elastic strap on the back is also a standout feature that most slides lack; it provides added security and stability, both of which you want in a sandal for your toddler.

Other features include traction on the bottom of the slides that helps to prevent your little one from slipping — even when near a pool. While the open toe design does put your toddler at risk for some stubbed toes, the shape and thickness of the footbed does offer better protection that you’d see with most open-toed sandals. Amazon reviewers give this pick a near-perfect star-rating on the site.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are adorable for one! My daughter loves them. They are great quality and even have padding under the strap for a snug fit. The soles are soft and seem to be comfortable she wore them all day with no problems!”

  • Available Colors: 7
  • Available Sizes: Toddler 5-10
Toddler Sandals

The Best Baby Shoes

walking shoes

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

quick glance at the best baby shoes

There’s just something so magical about tiny baby shoes! Even if you think they’re not practical, when you see them in a store, they’re pretty hard to resist.

If you’re in the market for a pair of baby shoes, you may be wondering how to choose the perfect pair (besides just their general adorableness). We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to make the right decision, as well as links to some of our favorites.

Should babies wear shoes?

You may be wondering if babies need to wear shoes, and the answer is: not if they aren’t walking yet.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), it’s actually best for babies to go barefoot so their feet have room to move, stretch, and breathe.

Once your baby starts walking (!!!), you’ll want to have a pair of shoes available to protect their feet from getting hurt by the rough ground outside. However, before they’re strolling around, socks and booties may be a better fit.

When can a baby start wearing shoes?

As mentioned, once your baby is walking, they should probably have at least one pair of shoes for exploring the outside world.

Toddlers who love to climb and play outside are definitely suited for shoes — although they’ll grow out of them quickly, so it’s best not to break the bank buying a closet full of toddler kicks.

If your baby is crawling or still in arms, they can certainly wear shoes, but it’s not typically necessary or beneficial.

What type of shoes are best for baby?

When considering whether a pair of shoes will be perfect for your infant’s feet, you should consider:

  • Soles. The best type of baby shoe has flexible nonslip soles. This will allow your baby’s feet to stretch and move more freely, while also keeping them protected from spills if they do start testing out their walking skills.
  • Padding. Padding around the back of the heels and the ankles can help prevent rubbing or blisters. While it’s important to have a flexible sole (see above for why), a little extra padding can help make shoes more comfortable.
  • Closures. You’ll want a pair that’s easy to get on and off and secure. We totally get it, laces look amazing — but Velcro and zippers are typically a lot faster to close quickly with a wiggly baby on your lap.
  • Size. Always be sure to consult the manufacturer’s size guide before buying as they’re not always the same. Your child’s feet will likely be growing a lot during their first year of life, so check to make sure your baby hasn’t outgrown their first pair.
  • Fully covered. Shoes that fully cover feet offer a greater degree of protection from splinters, stubbed toes, and other injuries. While there’s certainly a time and place for sandals, you might not want to always have your little one in them.
How we chose the best baby shoes

When picking the best baby shoes, we gave a lot of thought to the things that matter most:

  • comfort
  • warmth
  • traction
  • ease of getting on and off
  • sizing option
  • price point

We also took into account what other parents had to say about the shoes.

Healthline Parenthood’s picks of the best baby shoes

Best infant shoes

Hudson Baby Fleece Bootie

Hudson Baby Fleece Bootie

  • Price: $
  • Pros: include grips on the bottom for stability, machine washable, fleece keeps feet warm
  • Cons: not waterproof, won’t protect feet on tougher surfaces

Our favorite infant shoe is actually a bootie! Not only do these snap on easily (and stay put), but they have grips on the bottom to ensure that your little one has sufficient traction for scooting around. They’re made of fuzzy fleece that will help keep their feet warm, and they come in a handful of colors to match any outfit.

Because Hudson Baby booties are machine-washable, no matter what baby manages to stick their foot in, the clean-up should be easy. And while these aren’t waterproof and won’t protect your baby’s feet from rougher ground, their feet will likely be bigger and ready for a more substantial pair of shoes by the time they need protection.


Best baby shoes for crawlers

Freshly Picked City Mocc

Freshly Picked City Mocc

  • Price: $$$$
  • Pros: rough sole offers traction, elastic opening helps keep them on baby’s feet, lots of color/pattern options available
  • Cons: not the most budget-friendly option; some parents say they struggled to get little feet in them

While definitely a splurge, these moccasins from Freshly Picked are a fan favorite. Designed with a barefoot feel in mind, they’re made of soft leather and suede with a rough sole for traction.

Parents say these are a great fit for babes just starting to crawl as they’re extremely durable. However, some parents note that while these shoes stay on well, they can be a struggle to get on baby’s foot.

Best baby shoes for winter

Ugg Bixbee

Ugg Bixbee

  • Price: $$$
  • Pros: machine-washable, textured bottom for traction, fabric keeps feet warm
  • Cons: not waterproof, won’t protect feet on rough ground

Chances are your baby just needs something to keep their feet warm during the winter months. These Ugg booties will take care of that with their furry, machine-washable fabric.

The fabric soles are great for foot flexibility, and they’re designed with texture on the bottom for traction should your little one want to pull up or test out walking. Note, however, that these booties definitely aren’t waterproof — any attempted standing or walking should probably be done indoors.

Best budget-friendly baby shoes

Meckior Infant Shoe

Meckior Infant Shoe

  • Price: $
  • Pros: budget-friendly price, available in a variety of colors/patterns, stay on feet well
  • Cons: don’t last as long as some other shoes, best for special occasions instead of walking

Fans of Vans slide-on sneakers will love Meckior’s slip-on infant shoes. Not only are they a steal at their low price point, but they come in a bunch of adorable colors and patterns to match any outfit.

Parents say these are great for dressing up and that they stay on babies’ feet well — however, a few folks mention that they don’t last all that long, so they’re better for the occasional event as opposed to crawling or walking.


Best baby shoes for wide feet

See Kai Run Stevie First Walker Sneakers

First Walker Sneakers

  • Price: $$$
  • Pros: roomy toe box for wide feet, seal of acceptance from the APMA, tough enough sole to protect feet during outside play
  • Cons: not the most budget-friendly option, don’t offer a barefoot feeling

These shoes work well for walkers as they offer a great amount of protection and padding. Plus, like Stride Rite’s shoes, you can feel confident that these have a seal of acceptance from the APMA.

See Kai Run Stevie sneakers stand out from the pack for babies with wide feet because of their roomy toe box. They also offer the ability to remove and add inserts, which can make a big difference for comfortably fitting a wider foot inside a shoe.


Toddler Sandals

The Best Toddler Sandals

The Skechers Kids Foamies Guzman Steps are comfy, stylish, and provide support

baby shoes

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Toddlers need supportive shoes that are comfortable, easy to put on, and sized right (since those little feet grow so quickly). There are so many styles to choose from so you can pick a sandal that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

Since toddlers are walking, it’s important for their shoes to fit well, support the foot correctly, and be used in the proper way. Invest in a well-made everyday shoe and your kiddo’s feet will thank you. We carefully considered material, design, sizing, fit, use, and value when reviewing products.

Here are the best sandals for your toddler.

Our Top Picks

Best Closed Toe:

KEEN Kids Seacamp

Keen Footwear

Closed-toe sandals are safer for active kids and oftentimes a requirement for outdoor summer camps or preschools. If your toddler will be spending lots of time outdoors, these rugged shoes are perfect. The non-marking rubber sole is sturdy and supportive while the polyester upper is comfortable and easy to clean.

For a perfect fit, there’s a secure fit system to tighten or loosen the strap and a Velcro strap over the instep. Parent reviewers praise how indestructible these shoes are and love how well they hold up all summer long.

Shoe Salt Water Sandals

A fan-favorite shoe, these classic unisex sandals feature breathable leather straps and a rubber sole. The rust-proof metal buckle is adjustable to ensure a good fit. Parent reviewers recommend that once the sandals get wet, leave them on your kid’s feet. As the leather dries, the sandals mold to your child’s foot shape. If family matching is on your radar, there are Salt Water sandals in adult sizes too!

Waterproof Sandal

Run, jump, and splash in these 100% synthetic shoes that are fully waterproof. Perfect for any water activity, these can also be worn at the beach or pool. Since they aren’t enclosed, it’s easy for any little shells or sand to flow right out of the shoe.

The sandal has two Velcro straps, so kids can adjust the straps to get the perfect fit and dexterous toddlers will have no trouble putting them on or off themselves.

Designed to keep up with your busy toddler, these sandals are incredibly lightweight, super flexible, and have a textured insole to keep slippery feet from sliding around. Made of material that is naturally water-resistant, non-toxic material, these sandals will hold up all season long and more.

Final Verdict

If your child will be outside a lot, choose a closed-toe, supportive sandal that they can wear every day like  the Keen Kids Seacamp II Sandal (view at Amazon). These options will keep your toddler’s feet protected and comfortable. For quick trips to the pool, park, or beach, the Old Navy Ankle Strap Pool Slides are easy to wear and toddlers can take them on and off independently.

What to Look for in Toddler Sandals


Shoe brands can vary their sizing. Some use U.S., European, or custom sizes. If getting measured in person is not an option, measure your toddler’s foot with a ruler or downloadable tool. Consult the brand’s size chart and read reviews to see if the shoes fit true to size, bigger, or smaller. 

Making sure your child’s shoes fit properly helps to set them up for proper foot health as they grow. When they squeeze their foot into a shoe that is too small, toddlers run the risk of general discomfort, issues with gait, and distorted bone growth.


For extended or everyday wear, choose a sandal that is made out of good quality, breathable material like mesh or leather. Well-fitting shoes will support your child’s foot and high-quality material will hold up to the wear and tear the shoe will see. 

Since sandals are likely to frequently come into contact with water, it is important that you choose a shoe that can hold up to consistent moisture without falling apart.


Most importantly, toddler shoes should be comfortable. There should be adequate room in the front so the toes aren’t squished, and the shoe should flex at the ball of the foot. A Velcro or adjustable strap will ensure a comfy fit across the top of the foot.


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