The 5 Most Adorable Baby Shoes That Actually Stay On Your Little One’s Feet

September 21, 2022

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Adorable Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are super cute and all, but some of them have an inconvenient tendency to fall off your child’s feet. When it comes to the best baby shoes that stay on, it’s all about proper fit and secure fastening features to keep them right where they belong — on your little one’s tiny feet.

Your baby’s shoes will never stay on if they are too big. So figuring out your child’s correct shoe size from the get-go is super important. Before purchasing, take the time to measure the length and width of your child’s feet, and cross-reference that with the shoe brand’s size chart. You want the shoe to fit snuggly but without leaving indentations on the foot. Be on the lookout for shoes that have a good size range to help you to achieve the best fit possible.

That said, fit is about more than just size. Shoes need to utilize some kind of fastening feature to securely hug your child’s foot so that they won’t fall off. Look for options with one or more of the following:

  • Hook and loop closure: Adjustable straps with hook and loop closure (more commonly known by the trademarked name, “Velcro”) allow you to quickly and easily tweak the tightness of the shoe, which is a biggie if you have a little one who doesn’t want to sit still.
  • Snaps: While snaps aren’t quite as customizable as straps, they are much harder for a child to undo. If you’ve got a little one who can easily undo hook and loop closures, try upgrading to a shoe with snaps.
  • Toggles: Not many baby shoes have toggles, but when you find a good pair that does, they are worth snatching up. A toggle fastener is the ultimate choice when it comes to adjustability; loosen the toggle to slide your baby’s foot into the shoe, then tighten it with one easy motion.
  • Laces: Just like adult shoes, some baby shoes have laces that can be tied to varying degrees of tightness. The downsides with shoe laces are that they are more work for you to tie, and might be easy for your little one to untie.
  • Elastic: Getting shoes on squirmy feet can be difficult. However, shoes that feature elastic (at the heel or elsewhere) are much easier to get on since they stretch to accommodate your child’s foot for a secure fit. Elastic is often used in conjunction with one of the other fastening methods.

From straps to laces and everything in between, these 10 baby shoes actually stay on your little one’s feet — so you’ll never accidentally leave one behind.

1.Editor’s Choice: A Cozy Pair Of Soft, Snap-On Booties That Really, Truly Stay On

Zutano Fleece Baby Booties

Soft, cozy, adjustable… what’s not to love about these baby booties from Zutano? A fan-favorite on Amazon with more than 6,500 reviews, these fleece booties will certainly keep your little one’s feet from getting cold. Two adjustable snaps and gentle elastic at the ankle create a snug fit, so the shoes won’t slip off your child’s feet. Reviewers on Amazon gave these booties a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, with many people noting that they are the ideal combination of functional and cute.

Romper Commerce Editor Kate Miller raves, “I got these as a baby gift from a mama I consider to be always one step ahead on all things parenting. Of course, she was onto something. These booties are truly the best. While the price tag is a little steep, they last a really long time. I used the aforementioned baby-gift booties for both my daughters. Held up in the wash beautifully unlike so many other baby booties that lose their Velcro.”

Choose from a wide range of colors, including fun and bright apple green, two-tone gray and navy, and sweet baby pink.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Love these booties so much I had to get two pairs! My daughter likes to pull off her socks so I got these booties to go over her socks. I bought the 6 month size and she’s been wearing them since she was 2 months old and they still fit really well (she’s now almost 7 months). There are two snap buttons on the straps so you can adjust how tight you want the booties. They stay on her feet even though she tries to pull them off. I put these in the washer and dryer and they didn’t shrink either!”

2.A Pair Of Leather Moccasins That Slide On Easy (& Stay On)

Mejale Soft Sole Slip-On Baby Shoes

If you’re looking for a sweet pair of moccasins with a little extra staying power, these Mejale slip-ons are a good bet. The elastic closure makes all the difference, as it stretches for baby’s foot to slide in, then closes to keep it there (without an ounce of pinching). Beyond that, these booties are made from supple genuine leather, and the flexible suede sole provides traction for babies who are finding their feet. Choose from four different colors, including watermelon pink and yellow.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “[…]I especially love how easy they are to put on and take off, yet the elastic ring around the ankle has kept baby from removing the shoes, which amazes me because she has removed so many other types of shoes. They are holding up well after a couple of months of daily wear. These are our go/to shoes for our learning-to-walk baby.[…]”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant – 12 Months-24 Months Toddler

3.A Pair Of FringeMoccasins With Adjustable Straps

Antheron Infant Moccasins

Some styles of baby moccasins can be a real pain to put on, or can easily slide off the feet. But these Antheron moccasins are different, and it’s all thanks to the strap, which features hook and loop closure. Simply undo the strap, slide your little one’s foot into the shoe, and adjust the strap to the exact tightness you need. It’s as easy as that.

Functionality aside, these adorable shoes come with precious fringe detailing, and you can choose from a bunch of different colors to match any look, or opt for a lace closure instead. The soft sole is easy on little baby feet, and the breathable cotton lining ensures that these will be comfortable all day long.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Easy to put on and actually are staying on my Houdini baby who removes every other shoe! So glad I got them! I ordered the 6-12 month size for my 10 mo. They fit great with a bit of [room to] grow. Perfect!”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant, 6-12 Months Infant, 12-18 Months Infant

4.A Pair Of Stylish High-Tops

Meckior High-Top Sneakers

It honestly doesn’t get much cuter than baby high-tops, and this pair from Meckior will stay on surprisingly well. Tie laces allow you to tighten and loosen the shoes as needed, while elastic at the ankle makes getting the shoes on a total breeze. The shoes are made of a soft canvas material and feature a lightweight, anti-slip sole.

These high-tops have certainly caught the eyes of Amazon reviewers; they gave this pick an impressive 4.4-star rating among 500 and growing reviews.

Choose from a ton of different colors, including a bright yellow and a stylish brown and black combo.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Perfect for little fat baby feet. Even for my baby’s long narrow ones, they lace up nice and snug, so she can’t pull them off easily. Material is soft and light enough for my baby to move around in them.”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant, 6-12 Months Infant, 12-18 Months Toddler

5.A Pair Of Outdoor Boots That Can Be Worn Alone Or Over Other Shoes

Stonz Stay-On Baby Boots

When the weather is cool, these Stonz baby boots will certainly keep your little one’s toesies warm. The boots are made of a cold- and wind-resistant nylon and feature a fleece lining that’s extra cozy. Best yet, two adjustable toggles will keep the shoes on your baby’s feet, which is extra important when cold and wet weather is involved. What’s cool about this pick is that they can be worn alone or on top of another pair of shoes for added protection and warmth.

While this pick is a bit on the pricey side, Amazon reviewers noted that they’re worth every penny as they have held up in even the ickiest of weather; plus, the struggle to get the boot on is nonexistent (slip and cinch).

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These boots are amazing! They slide on so easily and stay on little wiggly feet! I love the grip of the base material and the durability of the whole shoe. We have every size and have used them with and without shoes under in rain, snow and shine and his feet are always dry and warm!”

  • Available Sizes: 0-6 Months Infant


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